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ESPN's Mark Zona Wolds Greatest Fishing Show "Awesome lodge, fishing opportunities like you can not imagine. I will be back every year! "
-- Mark Zona (ESPN's Worlds Greatest Fising Show)
Redfish Resolutions - by Mark Zona - Friday, May 16, 2008
Redfish Resolutions - by Mark Zona
It's the start of a new year, and time for all those resolutions everyone seems so keen on after the holidays. Time to cut out salt, sugar and carbs from everything we eat and live on celery and carrots, right? Why is it these resolutions always have to be so healthy, anyway? I was actually considering cutting back on my Red Bull habit the other day when I suddenly remembered I had already made my New Year's resolution for 2008: I made it during the first week of December, while battling a 30-pound redfish I sight-fished off the bottom of a bayou in Venice, La.
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Little Rock, Arkansas – The Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup today announced the roster of anglers who will be competing in the 2008 season. The list is filled with past champions and future stars of the sport, and represents the most elite saltwater anglers in the world. The 53 teams committed to compete in 2008 will have a chance at over $1 million being given away over the course of the season, the most in the history of the Cup.

Frenettes lead final qualifiers - Saturday, March 17, 2007
Frenettes lead final qualifiers
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There were two local teams, both of which are in the top 5, talking backstage at the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup Eastern OPEN event in Jacksonville, Fla., after the weigh-in on Saturday, amazed at what the father-son team of Mike and Michael Frenette were doing.

"That's some tough fishing," said Randy Hartley, a member of the Florida Lure Anglers club and a native of Jacksonville. "You earned those two fish."

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Red Light District, by Bob Marshal - Thursday, March 01, 2007
Red Light District, by Bob Marshal
It was the fourth huge red snapper in the last 30 minutes, a bright crimson fish pushing 15 pounds, and it was flopping about the deck of the charter boat Teaser with foot-crushing energy, the kind of energy that had almost trashed the light baitcasting reel - and the two hands I'd used to grip it. Skipper Mike Frenette put an end to the snapper's antics with a hit from the aluminum belaying pin that would have done Barry Bonds proud.
Cajun Trolling, by Bob McNally - Monday, January 01, 2007
Cajun Trolling, by Bob McNally
In South Louisiana, in the fish-filled Gulf of Mexico off the mouth of the Mississippi River, anglers have some of the best fishing available in North America for wahoo, tuna and dolphin. But unlike other regions of the country, Cajun fishermen almost exclusively use deep-running artificial lures for blue-water trolling.

In most other regions, anglers after these species typically use soft-plastic, high-speed trolling lures that run at or near the surface. Some fishermen also use trolled and rigged dead baits for these species. And a few 'hoo, tuna and dolphin anglers use trolled live baits.

But Cajuns are different, yet remarkably successful. In fact, they're so good at deep trolling that anglers everywhere should at least try Louisiana tactics to possibly improve their blue-water gamefish catches near home.

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Angler celebrates birthday with $40K present - Sunday, June 11, 2006
Angler celebrates birthday with $40K present
It was just that Saturday for the father-son team of Mike Frenette and Michael Frenette Jr. who won the $40,000 first prize in the Oh! Oberto Redfish Cup tournament.

For the elder Frenette, who turned 50 Saturday, it was a perfect birthday present.

And for the younger Frenette, 16, he became the youngest co-champion in the history of the 4-year old, made-for-television redfish cup tournament circuit. Kemah is one of six stops on this year’s schedule.

Their two championship fish Saturday weighed 15.01 pounds.
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Bull Dolphin, by Captain Mike Frenette - Sunday, January 01, 2006
Bull Dolphin, by Captain Mike Frenette
These fish are readily sought during the summer months by the Teaser Fleet not only for their great table fare but also for their acrobatic battles. Easily caught by using a variety of methods such as trolling or casting . The easiest and simplest way that the Teaser Fishing Team produces daily catches of Bull dolphin in the 20 - 50 lb. range is locating the rip lines which form offshore south of Venice La. .....

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