Tuesday, December 11, 2018

ESPN's Mark Zona Wolds Greatest Fishing Show "Awesome lodge, fishing opportunities like you can not imagine. I will be back every year! "
-- Mark Zona (ESPN's Worlds Greatest Fising Show)
Hunting The Flyway
It’s hard to describe the beauty that unfolds as the sun begins to rise across the delta before an early morning duck hunt. The Venice area is the final leg of the Mississippi Flyway and thousands upon thousands of ducks winter in the marshes that surround the Mississippi river. You might have a hard time believing your eyes as you watch flocks of docks descend on your decoys. Even more amazing, redfish seem to be attracted to the decoys as much as the ducks!
The sight of a tailing red coupled with a flight of ducks is one that most sportsmen can only dream of. Depending on the pattern of the ducks, we offer our hunters the versatility of hunting from boat blinds, permanent blinds, portable blinds, or the ultimate our custom-built airboat from Diamondback Airboats. We guarantee that hunting out of this airboat is an experience you will not forget.
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